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Many health experts consider L-arginine to be the most potent nutraceuticals on the planet. It has amazing human performance and anti-aging properties, and has been validated by a Nobel Science prize in 1998.

Since that time, nutritionists and doctors have amassed enough clinical evidence to prove that L-arginine is probably the best, most validated health supplement available today. L-arginine benefits are many, here are some facts:

Fact: Columbia University calls L-arginine the “magic bullet.”

Fact: In 1998, Louis J. Ignarro was awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize “for his discovery concerning nitric oxide as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system.”

Fact: L-arginine is the body’s chief source for creating Nitric Oxide.

Fact: Not all forms of L-arginine are the same. HCL is a lower form of arginine found in many arginine supplements on the market, you have to take a quality arginine supplment to get all the l-arginine benefits.

Fact: Raw L-arginine taste like rotten fish. You have to make sure you choose a quality product that is formulated not only with all the necessary supporting “pre-cursors” l-arginine needs, but that the product you buy tastes good!

Fact: Nitric oxide was named “Molecule of the Year” in 1992 by the journal, “Science.”

Fact: It was named Breakthrough of the Year in 1996. The breakthrough of the year is widely recognized as one of the highest distinctions in science

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It has had helped many people in almost miraculous ways, but all of the health benefits listed above are just the scientific, natural result of a the improved cardiovascular system L-arginine helps create. When the heart functions properly, and the blood vessels are relaxed and allowing increased oxygen to flow through the body, good things happen.

My story

I was introduced to l-arginine by a friend who marketed for Synergy Worldwide, their brand, Proargi-9 (other spellings include proarginine, pro arginine, pro argenine, and proargi 9). Is the one I started with. The only challenge with it is the price. It’s too expensive, even if you sign up as a distributor, at $69 per bottle most people just can’t afford the amount of arginine they really need.

After experimenting with several brands, I have now settled on L-Arginine Plus as my brand of choice, as they have all the right ingredients, and the price is MUCH better, $39.95, with multi-bottle discounts.

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Whatever brand you decide on, arginine is, in my opinion, the king of all dietary supplements. There’s just nothing like it. The benefits are so many, the research is beyond dispute, doctors are actually prescribing it to people. Get yourself a few bottles and try it for 90 days, if you are like me, you’ll never go back!

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